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Why I am Running....

It is time to unite.  My decision to run for State Representative, Florida House District 40, has been long coming. For a number of years, I’ve watched the people’s voice fade from the conversations in Tallahassee that impact their daily lives. These are the same people who keep Florida running – our small business owners, our teachers, our healthcare workers, our first responders, and those who care for our elderly and children. I’ve met with many from Lakeland who want representation that works for them – that will watch out for their concerns, their families, and their best interests. This is why I am running – to represent those who keep Florida’s economy thriving and to return the power to the people. Please join me in our campaign for the people. Time has come to unite those of us who are tired of the noise that drives us apart. In Lakeland, we are one community, and it is time to stand for the greater good of all. 

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